The Polis Pulse

The Polis Pulse is a dashboard for public life in the United States,
a 30,000ft view of government, economy, and culture
from publicly available, objective information sources

We follow the news to better understand how the world outside of our neighborhoods will affect us, but following every 24hr news cycle causes us to overemphasize the importance of recent events while we ignore the bigger picture that makes the biggest difference to our lives.

The Polis Pulse strips away analysis and sensationalism in favor of delivering news about the United States using statistics that tell the narrative that matters on a months-long timeframe rather than what matters this moment.

Our information comes from sources that are freely and publicly available to anyone, and we only use information that is objective and/or quantifiable. If you have suggestions for data sources that meet these standards, please send them to!

Data Sources
Government data: GovTrack.US, ProPublica,, RealClearPolitics, Twitter
Economy data: Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louise (FRED)
Culture data: Amazon, Google

This project was created by Chris Gillett. I'm @ChrisRGillett on Twitter - say hi!

Situation Report

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